Shields for devices and components are made to measure according to the requirements of the customer. The manufacturing takes place on modern laser cutting machines or are stamped. The parts are manufactured individually as single pieces or in series. Depending on the requirements of the parts they can be finally annealed to ensure the maximum shielding integrity.

Application examples:

Shielding for laser transformer:



The transformer of a laser measuring system in a research institute causes high magnetic fields. With the shielding with a screwed cover, the fields of the transformer are shielded.


Combination of annealed Mu metal and aluminum, powder coated dimensions: 500x500x400 mm

Shielding for gas chromatographs:


massenspektrometer        massenspektrometerabschirmung  

Magnetic fields of a nearby power line interfere with the gas chromatograph. These interference fields are being shielded with the shielding.


Combination of annealed Mu metal and aluminum, powder coated.

Dimensions: 650x550x480 mm

Shielding for crack test system::


riss-offen  riss-zu;

In the course of a routine check of the high voltage inspectors it is noted that magnetic fields are produced at the workplace of the magnetic crack test system. These magnetic fields are above the SUVA limit value of 500µT / 50Hz. If the plant is in operation currents of up to 7'100A flow. The fields should be limited with a shield but the access to the system not affected. Objective: to maintain the SUVA limit value with a large safety factor.

A three-part sliding door system is chosen as solution. When the sliding door is open, access is unhindered. The sliding doors can be pushed in front of each other on both sides. When the sliding doors are closed the SUVA limit value is in perfect compliance. Without shielding: 540µT, with shielding: nearly 40µT.


Material: Silicon iron, installed in sliding element, varnished. Dimensions: 3000mmx2000mm

Shielding for distribution cabins::



The distribution cabin is directly mounted on the outside wall of the building. Inside the building is the workplace of a goldsmith. Magnetic field measurements show values significantly above 1µT. To reduce the fields to values under 1µT the distribution cabin is being shielded on the inside.


Combination of annealed Mu metal and aluminum, with removable front shielding.

Shielding for electronic assemblies::


baugruppe  baugruppenabschirmung 

External fields are disturbing an assembly with several transformers. With the shielding mounted on the outside of the housing, these external fields are reduced to non-critical values. The assembly will then work correctly.


Material: Mu metal annealed, U-profile punched and bent. Dimensions: 180x260x30mm

Shielding for magnetic sensor::



External DC magnetic fields disturb the sensors in traffic safety systems. The interference fields can be shielded with the shield housing. The traffic safety system will then work correctly.


Mu metal annealed, housing stamped, bent, sides point welded. Cover riveted, with rubber cable penetrations

Dimensions: 80x80x70mm

Shielding for metal separator::



The metal separator was disturbed by external magnetic fields, which has led to malfunction. With the shielding, the metal separator can be operated in the highest possible sensitivity.


Combination of annealed Mu metal and aluminum.

Dimensions: 500x500x500mm

Shielding for sensors::



Small housing to shield a sensor


Mu metal annealed, housing stamped, bent, sides point welded.


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