The company Systron EMV GmbH was founded in 1993 by Robert Hauri and Rudolf Käppeli and is specialised in planning, production, distribution and installation of passive magnetic shilding, active magnetic field compensation systems and software simulations. In 1996 they established a subsidiary in Germany in cooperation with Reto Breitenmoser. Although the the two companies have been legally separated in the year 2001 they work very closely together. The Systron EMV GmbH Germany is located in Schwabach in the district of Mittelfranken.

Many products and shielding systems were developed by Systron itself or in cooperation with partners. From the collaboration with Elekztrizitätswerk Zürich for example, resulted the successful shielding system "Systron PowerShield®"*, a shielding system for surfaces, spaces and components.

The activities of Systron EMV GmbH include the production, distribution and installation of systems for the reduction of low frequency magnetic fields such as the ones caused by transformer stations, electric cables, railway lines, power lines, NMR 's but also by electronic devices or magnets. The product range includes not only the passive shielding systems but also the active compensation systems for electron microscopes. Additionally, simulations of equipment such as transformer stations, electrical systems, train stations and high voltage cables are carried out for the visualization of the magnetic fields.

*Systron Powershield® is a registered trademark of Systron EMV GmbH, Switzerland